coin-gaucheWhat is a French off-plan property?coin-droit

Leaseback DordogneAn off-plan property is an apartment or house which is sold literally off of the plans and has yet to be constructed or completed. This arrangement is beneficial for developers as it allows them to secure buyers and capital before beginning construction but is equally beneficial for buyers as they can pay for their property often at a lower rate and benefit from favorable progressive payment options and may even have the opportunity to personalise their property. 

The sale of an off-plan property in France is called a “vente en l'état futur d'achèvement” or Vefa and is strictly regulated by French law (articles 261.1 and following of the Code of Construction and Housing).

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Buying Process
What is an Off Plan?
1- Property search
2- Financing
3- The purchase
4- Final signing
5- Champagne
Tips for investors
Legal process
French Taxes
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