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Once you have decided to take the plunge and look for a French off-plan property, your first homework will be to define which area of the country is the best for you, according to what you expect from your French home. Of course, if you wish to buy a property for purely investment purposes, you will certainly not expect the same as if you buy a retirement home or a holiday home. Please have a look at our French area guides. They are full of information on each corner of France, which are definitely worth a good look before going any further! The secret of successfully buying a place in France lies in research, preferably before that you even venture abroad. You may, of course, be fortunate and buy the first property you see without doing any homework and live happily ever after. However, a successful purchase is much more likely to occur if you thoroughly investigate the towns and communities around your chosen area. Because living in a new property doesn’t only mean new walls and new furniture, you will experience a new lifestyle above all. You could, for example, wonder what is the weather like in this region, what are the main activities in the area, what is the distance between each major city, how accessible they are (airports, train stations, motorways), and - why not – the specialities of the region.
Having your finances in order is another important step of the process, which may be sorted out with the help of your bank or (often better) with a bank specialized in French mortgages (see previous section). We strongly advise you to sort out your finances before starting searching for a property in France, Doing this will definitely save you a great amount of time and money.
Once your homework is done and your finances are in place, you are ready to fill out our questionnaire. The more precise your requirements are, the better we will be able to assist in finding a property which suits you.

Here are three ways to go about finding a property with us:
•    By starting a search on our website, and letting us know which properties you like
•    By sending us the completed questionnaire
•    By contacting us, either by phone or email, and we will send you a selection of properties which  matchs your requirements.

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