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Re-sale through Sextant French properties: an excellent investment exit strategy

Since their inception in the 70’s, French leasebacks have proven a very popular choice for the discerning investor, simplicity, easy, hassle free being synonymous descriptions. Recently, many of these early investors are opting to ‘cash in’ their leaseback nest eggs, and capitalise on the steady resale market. If you are wishing to sell your property, you can mandate Sextant French properties to find a buyer, at any time after the start of the commercial lease.

Your advantages if you decide to sell

Finding the right estate agent to manage and handle the sale is the first step in the process for owners. Here at Sextant, we are the only UK-based estate agency to hold a ‘carte professionnelle’ which means: we can legally handle the mandate of your French leaseback, and offer them directly to our investor network. Subsequently, we cut out costly commissions paid to French middle men and pass on this savings to our valued customers.
Our property professionals are the best placed for concluding the sale in optimal conditions:

arrow2 We ensure a presence in the whole country, through our local agencies
arrow2 We have an excellent knowledge of the sites and markets
arrow2 We have a long-standing real estate expertise
arrow2 We have at our disposal a large pool of potential buyers

What our competent sales team will bring you: 

arrow2 An extended network throughout the entire France, handling contracts, estimations, customer visits, etc.
arrow2 A specialised administrative service for compiling dossiers and following through with all stages of the sale until the purchase deed is signed at the notary’s practice

How does it work?

1- Contact us to discuss about your choice. We will ask you to provide full details of your property and your reasons for selling

2- A valuation will then be carried out

3- On acceptance of the valuation an exclusive or non exclusive re-sale mandate will be drawn up and two copies sent to you for signature to return to Sextant Properties Head Office in London

4- Photos of your property will be taken by the site director of one of our local agencies

5- Your property will then be marketed to our network in the UK and in France

6- You will be contacted by our team with potential buyers who wish to buy your property and the sales process will be confirmed to you

You can send us an email at

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