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Top of the range properties in strategic locations:

Whether you choose a pure leaseback investment in Paris, a leaseback in the French Alps with personal usage or a coastal property investment, Sextant Properties has the same demand regarding quality and design in the best touristic locations.

arrow2 Quality sites

The resorts we promote are situated in regions renowned for their high environmental or tourist value, or in the most beautiful sites in France's most famous towns. Each resort benefits from an exceptional setting in a privileged location. So whether your freehold property is in Brittany, in Dordogne or in Cote d’Azur, the quality of the location guarantees the return on investment.
arrow2 A whole range of services
Most resorts offer many hotel services and leisure activities to give you further enjoyment of the comfortable surroundings.

Guaranteed returns

arrow2 Guaranteed rental income
Companies selling leaseback properties “guarantee” their investors an annual return.  These guarantees are secured by the financial strength of the company offering them, its ability to successfully manage, maintain and rent the property and to continue providing returns during the period of the lease.  
With the renewal of the lease for a second period, our Property Investments are responding to investors needs for long term rental guarantees for 3 key reasons:
- typical mortgage length (15-20 years)
- exemption from French Capital Gains Tax after 30 years ownership
- long term quality management
arrow2 Increase in annual rental income
All annual rental income is linked to the IRL (Rent Reference Index)

VAT rebate

The French government will refund the VAT (19.6%) to investors, which represents a significant saving on the purchase price to investors (the VAT rate for new build properties is 19.6% and for refurbished properties it varies between 6 and 14%).  Formerly, this VAT was repayable pro rata temporis should a client sell within 20 years though the law was revised in 2006 so that no VAT is repayable on sale as long as the property remains within the lease even if the terms are completely revised.

Hassle-free management

arrow2 An excellent holiday property investment with no stress!
The resort management will completely look after the maintenance and management of your property and you will not need to worry about any maintenance, repairs or upkeep costs of the property, communal areas, facilities or finding rental tenants throughout the whole lease period.
Your leaseback investment is completely hassle-free.

Personal usage

When investing, the buyer may choose between two different options:
arrow2 Pure investment:
This option ensures a guaranteed annual rent, free from expenses and paid directly to the owner.
arrow2 Property Investment with holiday usage:
Investors have the option to choose a leaseback formula that includes weeks of stays at their property each year for a reduced rental guarantee.  In addition, you can have the benefit of a discount on some properties belonging to the same developers.

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