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Leaseback incomes are liable to French taxes in the category “Commercial and Industrial Profits”, which gives you the possibility to:
arrow2  Get the VAT on the purchase back, that is to say 19.6% of the sale price exclusive of tax, regarding new residences offering customer services
arrow2  Pay-off the property purchases, ground excluded, over 25 up to 30 years according to the estate and the rules fixed by the public accountant
arrow2  Pay-off the purchase and settlement expenses over the same time
arrow2  Pay-off the furniture over 10 years
arrow2  Defer the paying off without limits in time or amount, in case of financial year showing a deficit
arrow2  Belong to the “private increases in value” category, which means you can benefit from a complete tax exemption after 30 years of possession.

Mortgage possibilities

One of the key considerations is your French mortgage. Why not begin your property search knowing how much you can afford to spend with a French mortgage?

The advantage of taking a French mortgage when buying a Leaseback in France consists in the deduction of the mortgage interests from your rental income thus paying less tax on your French incomes.

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